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Translating How Miracles Are Scientifically Plausible

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

What are miracles? The dictionary describes a miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.”

A lot of events that occur in people’s lives which were previously thought to be miracles have been debunked by science as either natural explainable events or human treachery. However, certain healings and phenomenon remain qualified as miracles. There are plenty of medical cases where cancer tumors disappear, where clinically dead people come back to life or where in general, a person heals off some incurable affliction. Is this a function of the human body fighting some disease in liaison with the brain? If that were the case, medical experts would not be left perplexed by these events. In fact, some medical experts have attempted to put forward biological explanations that limited sense. We can quote several experts in the medical experts on both sides of the argument and still come up with a concurrence that there is in deed no side with conclusive evidence of how these cures occur.

In a debate “Does Science Refute God” Michael Shermer, debating with his partner Lawrence Kraus for the motion against Ian Hutchinson and Dinesh D'Souza , categorically stated that miracles are impossible. It is not possible for some supernatural entity to enter cancer cells and destroy them. Lawrence Kraus stated that there is nothing called supernatural, supernatural is a human invention of things that they do not understood. My paper addresses micro intelligible data that is capable of residing in a micro space and a paper extracted from a book edited by Mark Baker and S.Goetz called "The Soul Hypothesis" offers plausible quantum physics arguments on how micro matter can interact with physical matter.

“Guess what Mr. Shermer and Mr. Kraus, I have just proven the plausibility of immense quantities of data occupying 1371.4285 times smaller than a cancer cell. (For the scientific minds, my sphere is 1,75 nanometers, 1.75 x 10E-9m, and the average size of a cancer cell is 2.4 micrometers, 2.4 x 10E-6m) As science argues, once a plausible scientific explanation is presented, the onus to disprove a theory rests with the doubter.”

At this point I would like to categorically state that as alluded by the physicist atheists, there is no supernatural world. I give that to them. Supernatural is described as of a manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. Supernatural can be attributed to scientific possibilities, the same way miracles are, and all its going to take is more advanced scientific study to reveal the mechanisms involved in manifesting events that break the laws of nature, as defined by scientists.

Miracles happen and are real. If science has established that human DNA can be altered by cosmic rays that fall on new cells, then we have a premise to start with. To me it becomes logical that since we know very little about contents of cosmic particles, that is whether they contain any intelligible data at all. We cannot dismiss the possibility of a direct influence on body cells to self engineer and kill cancer cells at the instigation of DNA alteration .

Other miracles of a visual nature may have the same attributes, but this time the interaction might be with the soul that then records visions to memory just like it does in dreams.

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