Who I am


I'm a computer engineer with over 25 years working in the computer industry as an entrepreneur who decided five years ago to venture into nuclear engineering. As a nuclear scientist I am equipped with knowledge about sub atomic particles and have been exposed to tools to manipulate the calculations of different aspects of those particles. I am a Catholic  and am driven by my faith in Jesus Christ. I also owe the inspiration to work on this project to my family's encouragement, my wife Teena and daughters Chipo and Nomthandazo.


What has been the driving force


Over the years I have watched debates of religious believers versus atheist. In almost all the debates the atheists always win the debates. They have scientific tools at their disposal to rubbish sometimes  feeble attempts to relate science to religion. This always incenses me. While I understand the meaning of "apologetics" in its correct sense, the connotation of linking apologetics to apologists remains visible . This is what has driven me to conduct a scientific experiment to contribute towards arguing against atheists. My starting point is an attempt to prove that it is plausible for souls to exist. I am convinced that with time and effort a better method that gives us proof will be discovered.


Where do we go from here


I have written a book titled " A Scientific Proof: Souls Existence Plausible. Please get a copy and read my interpretation of likely uses of my experiment results in explaining most of the so called super natural phenomena!